3d-berlin completes technology change to HTML5

Flash adé: From now on, 3d-berlin will only be developing kiosk applications for its partners with HTML5


Berlin, July 31, 2018. The indoor navigation specialist 3d-berlin offers its solutions for 2D and 3D navigation for all relevant platforms and devices: web-based for desktop PCs and mobile devices as well as applications for stationary kiosk systems. While the company’s desktop and mobile applications have been using HTML5 exclusively since 2011, kiosk systems have used Adobe Flash to date. Now 3d-berlin completes the technology change and will also develop kiosk applications from now on only with HTML5.


For a long time Adobe Flash was the quasi-standard for interactive multimedia applications. That changed only with HTML5, since October 2014 as finished specification of the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C Recommendation”) exists. Before HTML5, video and audio features or dynamic 2D and 3D graphics could only be implemented with additional browser plug-ins, of which the Flash player was the most popular. Meanwhile, HTML5 is well supported by most Internet browsers. In contrast, Adobe Flash support fewer and fewer systems. Adobe announced in 2017 that it would cease support for Flash and that it would stop publishing updates for the Flash Player from 2020 onwards. Manufacturers of digital signage solutions using 3d-berlin’s indoor navigation technology in their kiosk systems use third-party browsers to display the user interface. They now benefit from the advantages of HTML5 in new projects. Nothing changes for existing systems.


“Thanks to HTML5, our partners will continue to be free to choose the browser platform for their systems,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Zentner, Managing Director and founder of 3d-berlin. “And our developers are also pleased about this step: Because HTML5 and Web Components offer significantly more design flexibility for flexible design than Adobe Flash and allow it to implement sophisticated surfaces with less effort.”


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