Karlsruhe administration relies on 3d-berlin


The Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt Karlsruhe offers visitors orientation via indoor navigation


Berlin, 25. May 2018. The Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt Karlsruhe has introduced the 2D navigation solution easyGuide of the indoor navigation specialist 3d-berlin. A six-month trial period was successfully completed.


The digitization of the public administration should primarily serve the citizens, of which the employees of the Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt Karlsruhe are convinced. They therefore offer their visitors a growing number of digital services – from detailed information to online inquiries and information, to appointment bookings. Since October 2017, visitors can also find out on site, on the website of the Office and mobile about the exact location of their clerk and see the way there.

The Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt at the Kaiserallee in the Karlsruher Weststadt currently comprises three buildings with numerous offices, among them the departments for civil affairs, road traffic and public security, the registry office or the foreigners authority. For several years, there are always redevelopment-related moves. The outbuildings on Helmholtzstraße are also being used more extensively – one of them is currently also home to the Bürgerbüro. “Customer management has become increasingly difficult,” explains project manager Siham Skocic from the Office of Organization of the Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt Karlsruhe. “The analogue guidance system with signage and ground markings was too inflexible and no longer up to date. We wanted an attractive digital solution. “

The choice of the Karlsruher fell on the complete solution easyGuide of 3d-berlin with on-site kiosk system, web and mobile integration and the possibility to print step-by-step directions. easyGuide uses complex three-dimensional road networks and intelligent pathfinding algorithms to make it easier for users to orient themselves in buildings or on unclear terrain and guide them quickly to the desired destination, as with familiar outdoor navigation. Companies, authorities, hospitals and shopping malls all over the world rely on products from 3d-berlin.

Since mid-October 2017, easyGuide has been operating in Karlsruhe’s Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt. In the main building, three touch-screen kiosk systems with attractive, interactive 2D maps and intelligent routing were installed. The easyGuide navigation can also be accessed on the website. In addition, appointment confirmations and employee email signatures contain QR codes that allow visitors to show their way to their clerk.

After completing the six-month trial phase, Siham Skocic is very satisfied: “Our expectations have been met. easyGuide is modern and customer-friendly, changes can be introduced quickly and elegantly, and the collaboration with 3d-berlin was very good and constructive. “Now users’ usage rates and feedback are evaluated in order to plan further adjustments together with 3d-berlin.


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