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3d-berlin develops and tests a new service portal for customers and partners


Berlin, 3 July 2018. The indoor navigation specialist 3d-berlin has developed an online communication platform for customers and partners. The new “Service Center” allows customers to easily and flexibly interact with 3d-berlin support, retrieve information and monitor their routing systems. After several months of testing, which will start in July 2018, the platform will be released free of charge for all customers this year.


The new Service Center supports building operators and partners who have used navigation solutions from 3d-berlin or integrated them into their offerings while operating their applications. It offers, among other things, a quick overview of all systems, operating aids as well as functions for support, monitoring and evaluations.


Detailed information is available for all projects, including description, metadata such as country, city, local time and website, manuals or links to agreements such as SLAs. Project staff or facility managers of the customer, but also support staff of 3d-berlin receive status information and usage statistics for the installed applications with just a few clicks: Where are the kiosk systems available? Are you online? Are mobile and web applications working? How are the systems used and what are the preferred targets?


Partners who have equipped several building operators with solutions from 3d-berlin get an overview of all objects using a digital guidance system from 3d-berlin. The support processes will also accelerate the new Service Center in the future: Customers can use it to quickly initiate adjustments to menus or goals and report software problems. A user and rights management ensures that each user group is only offered the relevant information and functions.


“Our goal is best customer service and long-term customer satisfaction,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Zentner, Managing Director and founder of 3d-berlin. “3d-berlin specializes in the creation and maintenance of interactive wayfinding systems and can therefore offer its customers more convenience in the operation of their applications. Of course, the service center will also be available to all our customers at no extra cost. “


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