Pilot study at the Freie Universität Berlin


Berlin, 04.05.2011 – As part of the pilot study, the Freie Universität Berlin will use the interactive 3D-Wayfinding solution Guide3D. The rollout of more systems is planned.

3D-Wayfinding through the Main Office Building

The wayfinding is provided in 10 languages. To a total of 319 destinations can be guided with 529 3D-Animations. “The system non verbally gives information about the current location and the best route to the destination point. ” explains Björn Clausen, CEO of 3d-berlin. A special focus was put on the editing possibilities of the data. An API that allows a daily update was developed.

High Benefits

„With this system, we are going in the right direction. We can not only help visitors, we can be reliable due to the easy editing. So visitors are always guided to the correct department or employee. ” explains Peter Lange, Chancellor of the Freie Universität Berlin.

While it is only the very first system at the FU-Berlin, more a planned. “Especially at the “Rost- und Silberlaube” such a system is in high demand. Since the building is very complex and many students get lost.” elaborates Lange. “3d-berlin is a spin-off of the FU Berlin for a reason”

Main Functions 

Two perspecetives are implemented for a perfect Orientation: the bird’s eye view and the first person perspective. Displaying how the route will be seen in the first person perspective, allows the user to recall important landmarks such as plant. The speed of the animation depends on the specific routes: faster on long hallways, slower in turns.

In case the route is too long or too complex, the visitor can use Guide3D on his smartphone through scanning the displayed QR-Code. This service is completely device and OS independent, only internet is required. Furthermore, the animation can watched on the move or the link can be send via text or email message.

A special feature is the barrier free mode that the visitor can activate. The routes will then use elevators instead of stairs. “Alternative routing is a great feature of our systems since they are based on a real 3D route network” explains Clausen.



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