Rollout: ECE Alstertal Shopping Mall & Limbecker Platz


25th March 2013 – Europe’s largest operator of shopping malls, ECE, has rolled out the Guide3D wayfinding and information system in its two “Future Labs”sites. Alstertal-Shopping Mall in Hamburg (the largest mall in north of Germany) and LimbeckerPlatz in Essen (one of the largest inner-city malls) are pilot projects that will test new interactive technologies for the future-oriented multichannel shopping world.  “The future lies in linking digital channels with the traditional business.” says Henrie W. Kötter, Managing Director Center Management, ECE.

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According to the survey ‘What the customer really want’, ECE wants to combine the virtual an real shopping experience. On one side ECE wants to meet efficient customers and the other side provide buyers with a satisfying shopping experience.

“Here Guide3D steps in.” says Björn Clausen, VR-specialist and founder of 3d-berlin vr solutions GmbH. The 3d-navigation system Guide3D (FUTURE LABS Label ‘Your Way2Go’) leads visitors through the real building within the virtual reality. “Therefore the 3D view is an ideal medium to guide visitors individually.” explains Clausen.

Guide3D enables playful exploring and efficient searching. As a result, the desires of different customers can be met; Goal oriented,quick buyers are increasingly optimising their own buying effectiveness. “With only two clicks the user finds his destination,” notes Clausen. With Guide3D, the visitor can choose between the on-site (kiosk) and the mobile (web app) solution. Users can also select their required view; choose between bird’s eye, first person or barrier free.

Besides this, T the digital system enables the possibility to analyse the search input. For retail environments Guide3D can provide valuable statistics, such as which shops are requested most? Are there connections between search rate and product news or previous marketing actions?” These questions can be answered in the future with FUTURE LABS.” says Clausen.


A local touchscreen kiosk system welcomes the visitor with an interactive center-map that features a wide range of search functions and categories, such as ‘Shopping’, ‘Restaurants’ and ‘Services’, all of which are listed alphabetically. Shops of the same category can be highlighted on the center-map.”This way the visitor knows quickly where he can get a coffee” says Clausen. Users can also use a keyboard to search for their destination.

Once the visitor has chosen his desired destination they can start the navigation with “Show 3D-way”. The visitor can then choose whether the route is displayed as First-person’s or Birds-eye view; this can be switched at any way. “Especially with far distances the Bird’s-eye view is requested, while it provides the best overview knowledge.” describes Clausen. If stairs are to be avoided the user can select ‘barrier free way’.

For every route a QR-code is displayed on the kiosk system that transfers the 3d-animation to mobile devices. With this web-based app (HTML5), all visitors will be well informed while on the move.



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