Future oriented Indoor-Wayfinding at the viscom frankfurt 2010

3d-berlin presents interactive wayfinding solution Guide3D in hall 3.0 at booth B20.

Berlin, 15. Oktober 2010. This year 3d-berlin presents new features for mobile devices (Guide3D mobil) and research results in the area autostereoscopic displays. Product features will be demonstrated with interactive demos for shopping malls or in combination with Digital Signage software.

The Guide3D approach

After choosing a destination point on the kiosk systems, a 3D-Animation from start to end point will be played. “Just like humans see their surroundings: 3D and real”, says Clausen, CEO of 3d-berlin. The orientation is easier since visitors can recall having seen striking objects, so called landmarks. The building with all floors will be displayed in different perspectives with the help of virtual reality.

Device independent

Guide3D is device and browser independent and thus runs on all kiosk systems and smarphones. Guide3D mobil does not need any apps or plugins to run on a smartphone. “Implementing a browser solution to a mobile solution is very easy, since the same 3D-Animations can be used. ” explains Clausen.

After watching a 3D-Animation on a kiosk or browser, visitors can scan the displayed QR code to transfer the animation to their smart phone. “Routes do not have to be remembered” elaborates Clausen.

Even the search menu can be accessed on the mobile solution so that kiosks are not even necessary.

Industry solution

3d-berlin presents several industry solutions to show the capability of Guide3D. The customers range from company HQ, hospitals and universities up to shopping malls. The solutions a connected to a content management system (CMS) so that specific information can be added such as advertisements on a simple web interface.



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