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The department store chain “Breuninger” has existed since 1881 and positions itself in the upper market segment with a focus on textiles. The flagship store in Stuttgart is one of the largest department stores in Germany with 35,000 m² sales area. Since the end of 2019 it has been equipped with wayfinders from 3d-berlin. The products were delivered: Kiosk, Mobile and Web, and the in-store navigation was also integrated into the “Breuninger App” as a “Maps engine”.

We were looking for a service provider who could map our complex building structure with its winding paths and diverse departments in a simple orientation solution for the customer. 3D Berlin was able to meet our high requirements, so that we were able to offer our customers orientation support along the entire customer journey. The solution was individually tailored to Breuninger and the usage figures confirm the success of our joint concept work.”


Kai Arndt
Senior Manager Multichannel & Digital Instore
Corporate Development

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