easyGuide, Shopping Mall

The L+T (short for Lengermann + Trieschmann GmbH + Co. KG) is the oldest and largest owner-run fashion house in North Germany and is located in the heart of Osnabrück. In cooperation with 4Dmagic a 3D routing system was introduced here at the end of 2014. Since then visitors of the fashion house can find out more about the attractive range of products and brands at a total of eight kiosk systems and in three different languages. Via the menu, the visitors can search for their destination in different categories such as product groups or brand, or they can mark the destination directly on the map. The way is then displayed as a 3D animation in bird’s view. In addition, this instore application allows the user to view the way on the smartphone by scanning the QR code, no prior installation of an app necessary.



Partner: 4Dmagic GmbH & Co. KG