easyGuide, Hospital

Since the end of 2017, 3d-berlin’s digital wayfinding system has been helping visitors to find their way around the UKE-campus. Visitors can navigate to individual rooms and entrances of other buildings on campus via Info-Touchscreen in the foyer of the main building (O10) and in the children’s UKE (O45 / O47). Using QR codes on analog steles and campus maps, visitors can scan their current location and view the route to each destination step by step on their smartphone. The keyword search facilitates the search for destinations. Integrated on the website of the UKE, patients and visitors can get an overview from home, search for destinations and even print out the route descriptions.

3d-berlin convinces with expertise in technical questions as well as in the area of visitor routing. The diverse range of solutions covers the spectrum of our requirements. We are full of hope to be able to help our visitors in the near future.


Alexander Baaß, Projektmanagement, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf