Shopping centers, airports and city centers often offer plenty of parking spaces – this is comfortable for the customer, but can quickly become a nuisance … „Where did I park my car again?”
The Car-Finder is a service that navigates the shortest route from the pay machine or parking garage entrance back to the car. Accurate to a meter, self-explanatory and without installation available on every mobile device.




Scan the QR in immediate
Near your car. With this you save
Your parking position.


The application displays the saved
Parking position on the map at, together
with an indication of what the next step

The application is installation-free in
Browser of your Smartphone can be used..


Click on the button to load the content from carfinder.easy-guide.com.

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After your visit, scan the
QR at the automatic pay station to get to your
parking lot.

After the second scan.
Step by step the way from the
automatic pay station, where you can
to your car.

You will also receive additional information,
like the stored parking position, the
Distance and the duration of the journey.


Click on the button to load the content from carfinder.easy-guide.com.

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The menu allows changing preferences, such as language or accessible routing. In addition the saved parking position can be indicated and shared with others



Instructions for the Car-Finder can be found in the menu.
The application has integrated hints after the first scan and when scanning the QR codes in the wrong order.

Interface design


The colors of the user interface (1) and the signs on the map of the application (2) are tailored to your individual needs and specifications.

Signage design (optional)


The design of the signage mounted in the parking garage and pay machines is crucial for the user. It will determine the users awareness to the Car-Finder, its comprehensibility and thus the success of the service.

Statistics (optional)

Statistics is an online service provided by 3d-berlin that analyzes user interactions. You will get insights to the usage and utilization of the car-finder of your visitors.


Are you interested in using the Car-Finder for your parking park?
The first frequently asked questions about the project process and effort on your part, we
briefly try to answer here.

1. Map design: We create a clear, easy-to-understand map basis from the architectural plans you have supplied (vector-based PDF plans of parking garages and environment map)


2. Start and end point location: We record and number all QR codes in the created map base. These plans are used both to create the road network and to attach your QR code signs. Necessary input from you: very precise positions of the QR codes (start and end points) in the PDF plans, marked with arrows.


3. You approve and correct your plans: You check that the building has been displayed correctly, that all relevant stairwells and entrances are listed, and that there are parts of the building that are not accessible to your visitors. Likewise, check that all start and end points have been recorded correctly.


4. Signs for park space and pay machine: We generate and deliver the numbered QR codes to you. The creation and installation of the analogue signs is done by you or your agency.


5. Delivery of the application: We create the turnkey HTML5 application including all start and end points as well as route network.